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A Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer in Tennessee

Are you owed money by another business or individual? Collecting that money is vital to the prosperity of your business, but there are numerous debt collection laws that must be closely followed. At Paul Billings Law, I have extensive experience handling commercial debt collection issues. I have been practicing law for over 25 years and have a long track record of success helping creditors collect money from the people and businesses.

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Paul Billings Law in Memphis, Tennessee
Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

From businesses who owe other businesses money to individual parties that do not pay for services or products rendered, my firm will help you collect what you are owed. I can also serve as local counsel for law firms across the U.S.

Debt Collection Strategies and Solutions

At Paul Billings Law, I help businesses collect money from debtors who have missed payments or defaulted on loans. First, I obtain the documentation relating to the unpaid debt or financing, and then try to collect that money from the delinquent party. As an experienced collections attorney, I know how to use legal leverage to persuade the debtor to make arrangements to pay the debt. If necessary, I will file a lawsuit and seek to obtain a judgment against them for the money owed.

I also act as local counsel for law firms and other companies from around the U.S. in debt collection matters. These matters can be handled quickly and efficiently by an experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge of state laws, courts and businesses. If you are owed by an individual or company in Tennessee, please refer to my page on local counsel for more information.

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